Wednesday, February 2, 2011

World Math Day 2011

Austyn has registered for World Math Day 2011. It is going to be held on March 1st. We learned about this contest last year when Alex over at Canadian Home Learning shared information on her blog about it. It's a contest that takes place for a whole day every year. Students from all over the world attend online and take the math quizzes. Whole classes can register or individual homeschoolers can register. The age ranges are 5-8, 9-13, and 14-18. One thing to keep in mind if your children register is that the time that they say is the time in the time zone of the host city. There is a timer counting down to the start of the contest at the top right of the main website. That counter is important to watch so that your kids start the contest as soon as they can. This year there is an iphone and ipod touch app available. This will help many kids have more access to the contest even if they aren't home.

This year they have added World Spelling Day. Here is the link to that site.

Next year they plan on starting World Science Day.

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Alex said...

Thanks for the reminder! We'll be doing this one again!


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