Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mystery Class

I joined us up for Mystery Class even though it'll likely be way over Austyn's head. I'm doing it so that I can get the hang of how it works so we can continue to do them each year together. Also, the other activities that we can be involved in he would love (ie. tracking migrating birds). 

If you don't know what Mystery Class is, it's a contest where you keep track of the sun set and the sun rise of specified, mystery locations around the world and in April you guess the locations from your findings. 

I learned about this last year from Alex at Canadian Home Learning. She has a great post about how to get started with this contest in more detail here.

It's a bit late to sign up but we did anyway. If we can't officially be included in the contest, that is okay. I'm still going to follow along so that we can be more involved next year. If you are interested in joining in go to the Journey North Mystery Class Website.

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