Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

 We went downtown with some new homeschool friends for New Years Eve. Here the kids are getting a good view of the magic show.

 Some poor kid is assisting with a magic trick.

 They are decorating their New Years shakers with their new homeschool friends.

 Who needs skates anyway? Sliding on ice can be just as fun!

 There is a great view of the city behind them as they slide around.

 This is the building we were in for some of the New Year events. This is City Hall.

The inside of the building is just as beautiful.

This is a view of the library, CBC and other buildings with all of the preparations for a busy New Years Eve happening in front.

 This is the Art Museum. You can see Daddy and Zoe bringing us Pizza they just purchased.

This is the Children's Library. We got a good look through the windows and can't wait to come back and check this place out when it's open.

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