Monday, January 31, 2011

Deep Snow Tobogganing

 Last week we had a bit of warm weather and the snow has started to melt. Before that my hubby wanted to go tobogganing and I told him we'd need snow shoes since the last time we went the snow was already deep. Zoe had a hard time and got tired fast. We went anyway and here is a picture of him trying to get up the hill. We couldn't believe how deep it was and how hard it was to get through.

 Here is a picture of Kev cleaning the snow out of his boots.

 Check out our wiggly path. It wasn't easy to get down the first few times. It's not so straight. 

Before my camera died I got a shot of Zoe going down and at the end she always wipes out.

Conclusion: Tobogganing isn't so easy with too much snow. We would need snow shoes and harder toboggans. 

Oh and I forgot to mention that I tried a cookie sheet since on the local news station they tested different toboggans and home products to see what worked best and the cookie sheet was suppose to work well. I think the snow was too deep.

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