Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lego Club

 Recently, I was able to get enough Lego to continue on with Lego Club. As soon as I had my hands on the pieces, I booked a club day the same week. I started to look in September for Lego, but it has taken THIS long to get enough to run it with our own Lego, because nobody wants to give up their Lego.

 I know I've said the benefits of Lego Club before, but it does the obvious, which is inspires creativity and fosters friendships. It is also physics, math, science, mechanics, co-operation, team building, public speaking, and so much more! We have the kids bring their Lego creations from home or a picture. At the end of our time together they share what they have done at home and also what they made at the club. It's like show-and-tell. 

Austyn brought his Titanic that he made at home. We have been displaying it on our fireplace mantle so, even though he made it a couple of weeks ago, it's still in great shape. He changed a couple of things on the boat since that earlier picture. He added a couple of tall stacks and put a string across between them.

 After a little while Zoe got bored of Lego and went to play on the computer in another room and two of her friends followed. 

It's great to have this club, finally, established and open to ALL homeschoolers in our area. Watching the kids together, having so much fun made it all worth it!

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