Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lego Quest

 We haven't been doing the challenges for a little while but this time we finished in time and I was able to submit Austyn's entry to the blog. Here is what his entry said:

by Austyn, age 8, Ontario, Canada.

“This is a bridge between two towers. The black and white piece in front is a skyscraper. This gives you an idea of how large this bridge is. On the left side there is an opening at the bottom for cars to drive in and that is where they catch the massive elevator. It holds 50 cars at a time. They go up to the top and can cross over the bridge. The bridge takes about 25 minutes to cross at 100 km/hr. When they are finished being in the right tower they cross back over and go back down the elevator. There is a ton of parking in the towers and people can go there to work, live, shop, take vacations and there are very high viewing areas at the top of each tower.”

 After viewing all of the other entries from around the world he decided to make another bridge. Below he is illustrating that the bridge is almost as long as he is.

HERE is the link to this challenge. Austyn's is closer to the bottom. 

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