Monday, September 12, 2011

Book Sharing Monday - My Village

My Village is a collection of rhymes from around the world. 

Each rhyme has the English version and the Pronunciation version and if there is a unique handwriting they have included that as well. It was neat to read different common rhymes from many different countries.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Phew... Yup... We Did It AGAIN!!

You probably guessed it! We moved AGAIN!

Okay... so... we had plans but, then things tend to get in the way of plans (then again maybe not). Ya. I know. I sound confusing. Well... It's likely understandable under these circumstances. I posted a while ago about not posting much on this blog because we had some things to do that would take up more of our time and how we had some plans for our lives. Well, those plans squealed to a halt when my Dad got diagnosed with cancer. We decided that what we needed to do was return to Ontario to be closer to him. My husband's job is flexible enough that he can telecommute so we packed up our things and moved back to Ontario. The thing about being in Ontario is that our original plans (remember... we had plans) are more likely to succeed here because we have close family to help us out. We have a babysitter if my hubby and I need to work on things together. This was one thing that we wouldn't have living in Alberta.

So, here we are. We think we are here to stay, at least for now, but time will tell. We moved from a bustling homeschool community in Edmonton to a small town area with, what seems to be, much less accessible to us. It will be interesting to see what can be done to make things busier for the homeschoolers in this area. The secular group was almost dead and I took it over. I hope to revive it and create a supportive homeschool community for EVERYONE here.

Right now we are living with family. We still have our other house in Edmonton and are not sure how long we'll have that. I registered Austyn with the homeschool board there before we knew what we were doing. So, it'll be interesting to see what happens next. I think they follow us until the end of the year and if we don't return we can't register next year. Our facilitator will likely need to skype with us and follow this blog to keep up on what we are doing. If we do end up returning they will do a home visit at the end of the school year.

So... we did it AGAIN! It feels right. Spending time with Dad in the hospital the other day while he was getting his blood transfusion seemed like the best thing we could be doing. It makes for a long day when he arrives first thing in the morning for blood tests, and has to wait for blood to arrive from the nearest city that supplies blood and then he has to wait for the transfusions to be over. He is lucky if he makes it home for supper. Having us there helps to pass the time for him. It was great to have all of the support in a big city, but what better lesson for a young homeschooling family then to learn just how important family is and how important it is to be there when we are needed.

Here are some pictures from our move. I'll post a few updated pictures from our summer in Edmonton later.

 Zoe on some boxes in the moving trailer.

 Seeing friends before we go.

 Saskatchawan, as we pass through. 


 Minnesota to Wisconsin.

 Stopping for diesel.

 Austyn relaxing in the backseat.

 A rainbow in Northern Michigan.

 Zoe using the binoculars while going over the Mackinac Bridge.

 The Mackinac Bridge.

 Ontario kitties.

 Ontario garden.

 Zoe with a flower in her hair.

 Ontario flowers.

A caterpillar. Speaking of... we have jarred two caterpillars in just a couple of days of being in Ontario. There are so many here. One is a chrysalis now and the other is in a cocoon.

 The tractor.

 Small town Ontario.

 Waiting for a parade.

Life is constantly changing, but by going with the flow of life things will eventually fall into place. That is what I tell myself, anyway. I am trying to make the best of every moment because every moment is special. No matter what comes our way, we can always make the best of it.


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