Sunday, May 15, 2011

Science Sunday - Weather Study

We haven`t posted Science Sunday for a while. It`s nice to start getting back to updating our blog. 

One thing we`ve noticed so far, living here, compared to back in Ontario, is that there is more sun, less rain, and usually there is hardly any wind. This past week we`ve had a good deal of wind so we made a wind sock, two weather vanes, and two paper windmills (seen above).

I did not take anymore pictures but I did use The Curiosity Club Kids`Nature Activity Book again. We are in the middle of the weather section. We also did the experiment to learn about condensation and humidity but it did not work. We put cold water with four ice cubes outside and on a warm morning and waited to see if any water drops formed on the outside of the glass but nothing noticeable happened. I guess it just was not humid enough that day here in dry Alberta. :)

To join in the fun visit Adventures in Mommydom.


Serena said...

Are you saying you brought the wind from Ontario? ;-)
This is crazy and hopefully not a new trend-- I always loved the fact that we weren't a terribly windy city. I mean, we have our days, but nothing in excess!

The Tyvek on our new home half blew off! Argh ;-)

And the sun is why I'd never move to Vancouver. Ug, grey skies :(

Phyllis said...

Lots of wind activities. Too bad you didn't get any photos of them. They would have been fun to see. I know what that is like though -when you are busy making things, one is too busy to think of taking photos!

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

It's always interesting to see how changes in climate effect experiments.

Ticia said...

So there was no condensation on the glass? Interesting, I wonder why not.....


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