Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Park Day with Friends

 Due to the long weekend only our homeschool friends showed up for park day with us. This was their first week there. Austyn showed them the fort that the kids were working on the week before. They added a seat into it.

 They played in the stream again and saw another leech in the water. We talked about leeches.

 I hope you can see it well enough in the picture. There was a strange looking (bee-like) insect that was near me. It was hovering over spots on the ground and another flying (ant-like) insect that was staying just below and behind it as it flew. It followed this little guy around everywhere.It was interesting to watch their behaiour.

 At the play area they dug a deep hole to find the bottom of the sand. Austyn kept some of the clay from the bottom and brought it home in a container. 

 This little beetle was found on the slide.

Having a friend who likes to swing and has a swing of his own in his backyard has proven to he helpful for Austyn to learn to swing higher. He is less afraid of going high and can get himself going very well.

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