Saturday, May 28, 2011

Junior Rangers

 We were finally able to go to Junior Rangers this week because it didn't interfere with Lacrosse.

 The kids learned about shelters and built one. They decorated it when they were done and some of the kids brought in a log to sit on. They had their snack in the shelter (provided for free) and they got to see and touch animals. They were given different types of fir and other animals.

 They freely explored the area. Zoe liked this plant.

 This is a tree I've seen often. There is one in our yard. I'm not sure what it is but the flowers on it smell amazing.

The kids got to search for insects with a magnifying glass and a little container. The leaders showed them different signs of insects and talked about what each insect does. 

They also got to play hide and seek, freeze tag, and follow the leader. It was a fun two hours in the trees and it was free. I'm glad we learned about it from a friend. We met new friends and hope to meet more next week when more families show up. This week was a smaller class.

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Serena said...

Do the Junior Rangers have a website that I can check out? I seem to only be getting hockey related search results.Is it just one group or several in Edmonton?


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