Saturday, May 28, 2011

Homeschool Sport Ball

 We signed up for a sport called SportBall in our area. We never heard of it until we moved here but are glad we found out about it. The kids love it!! Basically it's mixing up different sporting items to learn about sports that have balls. The kids learn about equipment, and skills for each sport. 

They had special guests last week from the pro basketball team as well, which was a treat. I didn't know about it before we left home so I didn't have a camera for that. 

This week the class was smaller due to the long weekend so it was easier to get clear shots of the kids.

 This week the kids learned about golf. As you can see they use nontraditional items sometimes to learn the skills from that sport.

 It's the type of physical fitness that Zoe likes as well. It caters to both of their interests and is so much fun!

 I couldn't resist sharing this shot of her jumping.

 Sometimes it can get creative. They were riding sea horses in between shots and here they had to design a putting green and then they had to try them all out and see if they could get the ball from the red hoop and into the green hoop in just one hit. This one Austyn and his partner made.

This one Zoe made with her partner.

It's basically physical education on steroids. The kids get to use all of their energy and have a ton of fun while learning about sports. Another focus is on positive thinking. At the end of each class they do an optimistic cheer before they go home. The coach is amazing and appears to truly love his job and he really enjoys the company of these kids.

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