Friday, May 27, 2011

The Calgary Zoo

 When we lived in Calgary, we had a year pass to the Zoo. It was the only thing that I missed when we went back to Ontario. It was nice to visit again. There were some changes that I wasn't prepared for. I had told Austyn some of the things he'd see and a few of those things were either closed or gone altogether. It was still a wonderful visit.

 We went to the Canadian section first since we missed out on some wildlife viewings the day before in Banff. 

 The kids wanted to see the bears.

 This bear looked way too cuddly napping there on the rock.

 We went to see the African animals and it wasn't surprising that Austyn loved this little guy the best. This is a hooded vulture.

 The hippo was hungry.

 I don't remember what kind of lizard this is but loved the pose.

 We listened in when the zoo keeper talked about the gorillas. This is an older female resting in the shade.

 In the Australian exhibit the kids jumped in this pouch for a picture.

 This Kangaroo was out and about.

 The bearded dragon was just about the largest one I've ever seen.

 This is a tree kangaroo.

 The bats were hanging there sleeping. They looked all snug, wrapped up in their wings.

 I recognized this bird. It's a kookaburra. 

This picture is of the dinosaur area of the zoo. Alberta is known for the dinosaur digs. Some of the dinosaur names reflect the location they were found. One is edmontosaurus and another is albertosaurus.

I didn't get any good pictures of the Asian area. This is probably due to a tired little girl who needed to be picked up a great deal. 

We lucked out with the weather since the whole weekend looked like rain before we arrived. We had a great time!

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