Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lego Club - Presentation Skills

 We attended Lego Club this week. It was much busier than our first visit. The weather was better so the streets were clear this time.

 The club is geared to all ages. They have Legos geared to different age groups.

 Each month they choose a theme and the kids can work on things in that theme and bring them in. Austyn didn't know the theme until the morning before we left but he builds so much and saves many of his creations, so he had already made things from that theme. The theme this week was Defense Mechanisms.

This week they held it at a Library. When the little ones get bored they can go and spend time in the children's section. Here is Zoe with her friend playing a video game.

Time is dedicated for everyone to show their creations from the month's theme. Kids can also bring in things they really like that they have made even if they don't follow the theme. Here Austyn is doing his presentation to the group. He is showing how he conducted a drop test on a phone he made.

 Here are most of his creations that he presented. There is a gun, a cell phone. Two guns that shoot. A device that spins and hits a Lego piece making it shoot, a gear, a submarine, and a game he made.

 One of the kids wanted to play his game so Austyn showed him how to play it.

Everyone takes turns and shares what they made. What a great way to practice presentation skills.

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