Saturday, February 26, 2011

Muttart Conservatory

 We went to The Muttart Conservatory with one of our homeschool groups. The kids saw a video and planted a plant to bring home.

 They took a tour of the conservatory through their senses. In each area they discussed their senses and what was different in each area.

 These are insect goggles. They took turns looking for fruit in the tropical room. It wasn't easy with these compound eyes. 

 What a cute picture.

 They had many discussions and question and answer sessions.

 They got to let lady bugs go. Here is Zoe's lady bug.

 She watched it for a while after letting it go. 

 Here is Austyn's lady bug.

They did many activities with their chosen partner. Austyn had two partners.

Here is a spider I watched.

 Since the kids were well taken care of by the Muttart staff, I was able to sneak away and get some pictures. Here are a few. 

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