Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Book Review - Radical Unschooling

This book may be short, but it is full of useful reminders and positive inspiration. Dayna Martin really knows how to make a parent-in-transition feel good, even when there are set-backs. I recommend this to others who are switching from a more traditional way of parenting to a much more gentle, loving parenting style (which is what radical unschooling is all about). This book also touches on spiritual (not to be confused with religious) ways of thinking, just like many other unschooling books do. It was a refreshing reminder for me.

One important piece of information that I learned and have to be aware of is that unschoolers (especially those new to it and may not truly understand how it's done) could get homeschool burnout! Yes! Burnout! I can relate to this. I think that being new to this homeschooling philosophy we sometimes assume as parents that what it is all about is meeting the needs of our children but we might think that means ignoring our own needs. I find that sometimes the work involved in facilitating the education for my children seems like more work than if I`m just following a curriculum. I need to think creatively and come up with things to do on the fly. I know that if they ask for something that I don`t feel like doing I can find ways to peacefully meet both my needs and theirs.

This book also touches on Dads in unschooling and how to be patient with them as they go through the transition. Basically, from what I understand, in an unschooling lifestyle we treat everyone in our lives the same way... with respect and love, no matter what.

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~Leslie said...

I'll have to find this book!
Sounds like a very good one.
Thanks for sharing.


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