Tuesday, December 21, 2010

100% Natural Learning!

Since we've been here I've just let the kids do as they please. It's so cool to see what they choose to do. They've been helping out more than I remember. They both love to do dishes and they have taken on their roles with it without fighting over who is going to wash.

Since Daddy started work one of the daily activities Austyn chooses is making booby-traps for when Daddy comes home. This elaborate system shoots a Nerf gun when Austyn pulls the string.
Zoe designed some outfits for her cabbage patch dolls out of string and tissue paper.

They decided a couple of times to make potions out of juices.
Here Zoe is adding peanut butter and candy sprinkles to her potions.
We purchased some fish that are from the times of dinosaurs before we left Ontario. We set them up to get them to hatch out of their eggs but they haven't hatched yet. We may have damaged them on the trip to Alberta.

Austyn has been really into reading (on his own), making up stories about dragons, and drawing. He made this scroll that illustrates a dragon and castle scene.

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