Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Our EGG fun! - Day 1

I purchased an inexpensive Egg study online and we had a great time with it. I thought it would be a great subject to mess around with before Easter. In this picture they are dissecting a hard boiled egg and eating them.

Zoe isn't as fond of eggs as Austyn so she made art with hers.

This little guy pooped all over, from what Zoe explained to me. LOL!
She made a pretend egg drink and used the tooth pick as a pretend straw.

Then we dissected a raw egg. This egg came from a local farm in our area. I chose it so they could see that it had some raised areas on the shell. Not every egg in the world looks like the beautiful perfect white eggs we purchase in the grocery store. I read online that the bumps usually just indicates that the chicken is older.

I found that with these local eggs the internal and external membranes seem stronger compared to the eggs we purchase in the store, so it made these eggs perfect for this study. I was able to peel the shell away on the entire top so that we could open the membrane to expose the inside parts of the egg as they would appear inside the egg, undisturbed.

Here is the egg open. It is showing us the parts. You can see the yolk clearly with it's membrane around it and in the left circle you can see the germinal disk (where the egg gets fertalized). In the right circle you can see one chalaza ancharing the yolk inside the thick albumen. The unit I purchased had simple names. I downloaded another chart to use and told the kids both the simple names (eg. egg white) and the more scientific names as well.

Shortly after dissecting we moved on to our next egg project - making our own paint. I placed two yolks in a bowl and made sure it was just yolk and smooth (no membrane etc.). I added a tiny bit of water to the yolk and mixed it in. Then I poured the liquid into this paint container.

We then chose food colouring colours to make the yolk mix into paint. I know there is another version of this where you can add other things (chalk, berries etc.) but I just kept it simple. We talked about how people throughout history would make their own paint and in many instances used egg in it.

I gave each child a brush, water and a piece of bread, since the cool thing about this paint is that it's edible. They painted on the bread and I toasted their painting to cook the egg paint onto the bread and lightly buttered for them to eat.

This is Zoe's toast design. It's a girls face.

Austyn did a rainbow design on his toast.

There was paint left so I decided that recycling some cardboard cereal boxes would make nice canvases for this paint.

When they dried the paint ended up really glossy on the cardboard.

Zoe continued to paint. she decided that it would be cool to make strawberries on papertowel and cut them out. The bottom one is a purple strawberry and some blueberries. She cut them out and everything dried on a cookie sheet.

Some colour pages came with our study. Austyn isn't all that into colouring, so Zoe painted them. I'm not sure if you can tell from this picture but if you look closely the eggs in the nest have little baby bird heads pecking out of them!

They played an egg memory game, with different egg photos.

Along with the above activities we read information on my computer and watched videos online of eggs hatching. Austyn was amazed by this video we saw of snakes hatching and he went off to make lego snakes hatching out of eggs and other egg hatching type things.

We have some more egg activities to do. I'll have to update you guys with another post for our continued egg fun.

“The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it.” ~ Arnold H. Glasgow


laurie l. goodman said...

wow!!! good on you! what a full and fun activity leading from one concept to the next.
we'll have to try egg painting now too! thanx for the idea!

Stephanie said...

eggs, eggs eggs! :)
I have never heard that eggs are sometimes used in paints! cool.

Raising a Happy Child said...

Visiting from Science Sunday - this is a great way to study eggs. I am not sure though that my daughter would ever eat eggs once she realizes what's inside. Even I am vaguely grossed out :)

~Leslie said...

OH MY! Never thought of painting with eggs. You did a lot with them. :D

Sparklee said...

Looks like fun!


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