Sunday, March 21, 2010

Life on Discovery Channel - Starts tonight!

The Season Premier on The Discovery Channel  (Tonight at 8PM), hosted by Oprah Winfrey.

We watched it tonight. Austyn LOVED it! He was so interested and excited about all of the strange behaviour of animals. He is still awake now because there were two episodes of an hour long.

Here is the official website for more information:

It was so interesting, even for me! They showed a frog who tends to her young (rare) and she carries each one far up trees on her back to pools of water in the leaves. Then she lays an unfertilized egg in each pool every few days for the baby to eat. They showed, the first time ever on film, how cheetahs (Africa's most endangered cat) is adapting to survive better. This solitary animal may not be so solitary anymore. They filmed three cheetahs chase prey. There was a type of mountain goat that was only 10 days old and knew how to get down steep cliffs already to get to water and when a fox decided to pursue it for dinner it had the instinct and ability to out climb the fox (at ONLY 10 days old). There were some gardener snakes from Manitoba that emerge from the earth after winter to mate. The one male emerged days late and in order to heat up fast so he could compete for a female he gave off female hormones for the males to warm him up. These things you just don't see everyday or EVER if it were not for films like this. What an amazing series!

I think his enthusiasm and interest tonight may be in indication that he's ready to watch other wildlife documentaries. March of the Penguins and Earth would be a good start. Does anyone know of any other good documentaries like this? I may have to keep my eye out for those movies to purchase or borrow them from the library.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I want so badly to see this! I'll see if they post episodes online and hope they are unblocked, so that I can watch. Will you be posting a review?

Ticia said...

I keep forgetting to set it up to record this. It really looks great to watch!


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