Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I signed us up!

We joined the 100 Books-A-Month Challenge.

Before we joined I already had decided at the beginning of this month that I would keep track of the books we read. I had already started compiling a list. We are to record all of the books we have read and if we read them over we count each time the book is read. For novels we count each chapter as a book. I am proud to report that we have already reached over 100 for November!


Alex said...

It is a great challenge!
I didn't think of counting each chapter in the novels we are reading, that would get our count up really fast ;)
I am counting every book that is read though, the ones I read aloud to them, and what Adrienne and Andre read as well.

Our Pace said...

It's fun, isn't it! When I told the librarian she asked "Is there a prize!?" and I looked at her confused and said "No". LOL!! I think the main stream people don't get it... they need marks or a prize at the end I think! LOL!

~Leslie said...

thanks so much for joining in with us! wonderful that you've already reached your goal for this month!!! happy reading!


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