Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall Outing!

Our homeschool group had a Fall Outing. They gathered up some pumpkins, markers, and some straw. We gathered in the park that cold, rainy day and made scarecrows with the baby clothes we brought. At the end the kids played in the rain on the play equipment and learned what a waterslide in the park felt like. They are fast, apparently and the kids shot off the end of the slide. It was fun and worth going out in bad weather.

 “While Dorothy was looking earnestly into the queer, painted face of the Scarecrow, she was surprised to see one of the eyes slowly wink at her. She thought she must have been mistaken at first, for none of the scarecrows in Kansas ever wink; but presently the figure nodded its way down from the fence and walked up to it, while Toto ran around the pole and barked.”, L. Frank Baum

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