Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Nature at our house!

I renamed this one and added some text and new pics.

Over Spring we've done many things at our house that the kids have been witness to. Probably the most notable was trying to fix our lawn. As you can see from the photo our lawn was dead from grubs. Robins were attracted to our lawn for the grubs and became our friendly neighbours. I've added a couple of pictures to show the one baby robin who hung around. We think he died in our garden and are not sure what happened (we don't use chemicals). We weeded, put compost and seeded all of our lawn outside of our fence. We sprayed Nematodes all over the lawn and re-sodded the whole backyard (still working on the side). We planted a vegetable garden in the back (it's not doing so well) and some flowers. The kids have seen how the bird seed falls and grows. I added composters on the side of the house and we will be using the compost in fall and spring. We are currently trying to grow an avocado pit into a plant on our kitchen counter. Austyn has started a journal (on Nature and plants) of what he has learned about plants (we discuss it and I write it down). This will continue over summer and fall.

Last Month (June) I asked the kids where strawberries grow. They thought they grew in trees so I took them, as a surprise, to a farm to go strawberry picking and that evening we made jam. The jam didn't work out as planned but I've improvised so we don't have to throw it all out. My excuse: I've never done jam before! LOL!

“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.”, Buddha

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