Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Archaeological Dig

For our first week of Well-Trained Mind Grade 1 we learned about history and how we know what happened before our grandparents were born. We went to a Homeschool Park Day on June 23rd, with one of our homeschool groups and took advantage of the fact that it had a beach. This is where we had our Archaeological Dig. It was set up a bit like Archaeologists would do it but in a much smaller version. I had buried old items and made a printout for them to draw the items in the correct square, but the kids ended up exploring the beach and digging up whatever they could find including rocks, shells and a decaying fish skeleton. Austyn asked if we could bring the specimen home like real Archeologists do. LOL!! I said "No". LOL!! Ewww!! He had fun touching it and checking it out. Oh! And we also learned, with little effort, that we could burn twigs and leaves with our magnifying glass. I'm ashamed to say that the town Librarian recognized us and saw what we were doing. Try to explain that one... He he he!!!

"There is a history in all men's lives." William Shakespeare

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