What We Use

Here are some of the things we use. Keep in mind that I only use what my kids want
and use. The following resources are enjoyed by my kids.

I am not finished this section yet. I'm adding titles as I have time.

 RightStart. It has less workbook work and more hands on, self-discovery activities to keep math exciting and fun. I have learned so much right along with them and wish that this was the program I used to learn math when I was in school. What I love best is that it's laying a foundation of understanding that goes beyond just memorization. HERE is the website.

This book was recommended in an Unschooling book that I read. I can't remember, off hand, which book it was, but know that it was on unschooling and I ordered this book because it was recommended for unschooling. It is full of fun math challenges that use real life ideas to learn and practice math.

For Science we are using Science Smart by a bunch of authors and R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey Life Level 1. We have been using this book off and on for over a year.
We finished off Book I of this series of science experiment books. The experiments start with a question that needs to be answered and the materials are usually household items. They are easy and can be done at the last minute (as the interest arises). After the experiment there is a discussion paragraph that asks the kids questions about what they observed and gives a description of what actually happened so that the question at the start of the experiment is answered. Many of the experiments can be expanded with alternative examples of that experiment.
Some of the experiments in this book are repetition for us, but it's still another one of our favourites.
Klutz has a great collection of fun, educational books that engage the learner in a way that many other books just don't. Most of their books come with what you need to do the activities listed inside, but some of the science books do require a few household items.
We have used this book off and on for years!! We still use it and there are still pages that we have not covered. This is one book that we are still thoroughly enjoying. It's full of facts and activities. Did you know that when it's going to rain ants build walls around the entranced of their home? These are the type of interesting things that will be learned from this book. It is set up in a way that you can continue reading and exploring for as long or as short of a time as you or your children would like.
We use this book as more of a reference book even though it is set up in a way to do lessons in a classroom. The information was written about 100 years ago, and it is recommended for homeschoolers following a Charlotte Mason approach. As the kids are interested in something, we look through the index go find the section on that subject. Sometimes there are sketches and old photos. The author adds poems and little stories in places to incorporate literature that was inspired from nature.
I'm sure there are more resources to list under science. We love Science! Can you tell?
Notebooks and doodle journals are a fun way to learn spelling and writing by applying it to real life. After reading the Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket, Austyn started keeping a "Common Place Book" and he started to spy on the neighbours. Yup... not so proud of that part, but what is mom to do? I need to keep the enjoyment of unschooling alive and not interfier in these exciting adventures that he takes himself into. My point is that journaling isn't just for Zoe. Girls seem to be the target of these journaling products, but boys can love it too!
I think they have both used this kit, but Zoe uses it more. She is a very creative girl and loves to express her artsy side into more serious projects. This was perfect for her and promotes her to spell.

Because we learn though interest, the resources we use change often. Some we use and then come back to months later. I you are interested in more resources that we use or more resources that could be of use to you and your homeschooling family, I am updating a website that I use for organizing links that I want to keep organized and ready for future use. I know that I could use Pinterest for this, and I do use it, but I just find the format of a website is much more flexible and I'm able to organize things in a way that I can't seem to do on Pinterest.


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