Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hockey and Skating Finished

 Hockey season has finished. We missed an awards night and a party for Austyn. Zoe got her hockey award, as seen above. 

This will be Zoe's first and last year of Figure Skating . She is great at it. It seems that she was bored. She could skate circles around the kids in her group and seemed unchallenged. Having a fearless nature, she loves challenges, and so she won't be figure skating next year.

She missed her awards night as well, due to our vacation. If either of them get awards, I will post it in the comments below. I have a feeling they both got something. 

This is our last week of homeschool skating. Out of all of the winter sports, skating and playing hockey with the other homeschool kids will be missed the most. The kids looked forward to it each week! The other parents have said the same thing. I think it was loved so much because it was unstructured fun.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Book Sharing Monday - The Swamps of Sleethe

What a great book! Austyn LOVED the illustrations and the dark humor in these poems! Death, darkness, monsters, aliens, and much more!

At the back is an anogram list to search for or try and figure out throughout the book.

Sunday, April 21, 2013


We had a butterfly emerge after spending the winter in it's chrysalis. We thought it was dead. It came out a bit early and may not have survived the cool outdoors. We let it go regardless. It was a warm day before we went away on vacation. If you keep a chrysalis over the winter, place it in a cool place (the garage might work) so that it isn't tricked into coming out too early.


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