Monday, February 4, 2013

Book Sharing Monday - Journey of the Nightly Jaguar

This is a poetic story, inspired by a Mayan Legend. The Jaguar appears in the night from it's surrounding. 

Although it's a fast read, it's beautifully written, and evokes a sense of connection and oneness with all things.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

American Girl Doll Crafts and Ideas

 Zoe has been making her own craft items for her American Girl Dolls. It started before she even got them. Here are some shoes that she made on her own. 

 She attempted to make some boots, but they didn't turn out, so I made these for her. I am becoming more crafty because she is so crafty!

 She made this scarf on her own. When I say "on her own" I mean that I was not involved at all. She researched ideas or thought of ideas and just did it. I saw it for the first time completed.

This is a couch she set up. 

There have been many more. These are only a few examples of what she has done. Her favourite site for ideas is My Froggy Stuff. She has made a few things from there and wants to make more.


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