Tuesday, November 5, 2013

We Love Science!

 We may not do math every day and we may not read... oh wait, we do read every day! Well, we may not do the traditional subjects that school kids do each day, but one subject that is a huge hit in our house is Science. I don't think it has ever been something that they dreaded doing. They love it and so do I! We sometimes follow instructions and our science may look pretty traditional some days.

 Some days it looks a little less traditional. We may even do something that just pops in our head that answers a question.

 Sometimes it looks like an interest or hobby. This is Austyn looking at rocks with his magnifying glass.

 We like to do experiments out of our books. We have gotten through many experiments and have come across repeats. When that happens I ask them if they want to do that experiment again or not. Sometimes we do and sometimes we don't. In this picture the kids are growing a mold garden.

Some experiments are fast and some take time. Sometimes it's a fast experiment, but we expand it into something else entirely. Here the kids are using their homemade hydrometers to compare the density of different liquids. 

 We grew our own sugar crystals. This is a repeat experiment. It's too much fun to not do again.

Plus, they get to eat the outcome!

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