Friday, November 1, 2013

Visiting the Pet Store

Pet stores are one of those places that can be visited no matter where you live. When we lived in big cities we had an assortment of places to go and so we rarely ever entered a pet store. Living in a small town, there may be farms nearby, but there aren't many zoos or other places like that to visit. The pet store is great and can be very educational. 

This cute little guy was sleeping and our talking may have woke him up. I just had to get some pictures of him. 

This is a Skinny Pig! You never heard of it? Neither did we! It sure is cute in it's own strange way.

Although all of the other animals were interesting, including the python, frogs, and the chameleon, Austyn seemed to really like the bearded dragons. We have been researching them ever since we handled them at the store. I didn't get any pictures of the animals we handled. I guess I was too busy handling them.

Here is a quick reference video to decide if bearded dragons are a good fit or not, by 

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