Saturday, November 2, 2013

Museum Trip

 We have been to this muesum many times. Each time there is something new that the kids see. Austyn still loves vultures. Ya... it may seem a bit strange, but he has always been fascinated by them and when we see them eating something on the side of the road, we stop to watch. He even has a vulture stuffed animal that he has had for years!

Here is a good vulture joke I heard once when we went to a raptor show. 

A vulture is going through security at the airport and he takes two dead animals with him to eat on the way. When he gets up to the security officer he is stopped and the officer says, "Sir, only one carrion per passenger!"

Much of their time gets spent in the store trying to figure out which rock or gift to purchase. On this trip Austyn purchased another meteorite and Zoe got a couple of small, realistic, stuffed animals. This is a giant lobster preserved in alcohol and water.

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