Thursday, November 7, 2013

High-Tech Homeschool Links - Dinosaurs

After visiting our local museum a couple of times this month, Austyn has taken an interest in dinosaur fossils again. So, here I am searching for anything dinosaurs. BBC has some great videos available online for free!

I keep two links pages for my use and sometimes I share with others to help make their lives easier. The one website is Our Pace Links which is all of the main webpages that I want to keep handy for information or homeschooling. The other website is High-Tech Homeschool. It's a new website that I've not filled up with links yet. I only fill in the links that my kids get interested in. This week I filled up a page on Dinosaurs. High-Tech Homeschool is full of links that are more specific.

Our Pace Links would have the main links that may have the subject I'm looking for in it and High-Tech Homeschool is much more specific. So as my kids learn things online or are interested in subjects I fill in the links for it in the appropriate section. I'm hoping that I can more easily return to our favourite sites by knowing the direct link, instead of having to figure out the parent link and going from there. The title High-Tech Homeschool was inspired by the idea that much of what we are interested can be found on the internet and so homeschooling in this way is high-tech.

I hope Austyn loves his links and movies in the morning. They will go nicely with our library of books and his fossil collection that we can look more closely at.

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