Tuesday, October 29, 2013

We Miss Racing!

We had a great season this year! It has been over for a few weeks now. We miss it.

We raced at three tracks this year. This one, as you can see, doesn't have the best maintained track around, but it's okay for testing.

Austyn really got into the roll of being a driver this year. He has improved so much!

Zoe doesn't get to race until next year, but she made many friends at the track and helped with Austyn's junior dragster.

Austyn and Daddy work as a team to choose their time and coordinate their own routine for each race.

At the end of the season our home track did a special race. They raced the golf carts. Austyn and his friend got to run the starting line instead of the track crew. They loved it!

We can't wait until next year!!!

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