Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Fair

 We were at the fair this year for their "Agriculture in the Classroom" event. Usually it's just schools, but we were allowed to sign up and come. I'm so glad, because the kids loved it!

 There were stations set up everywhere. There were stations to learn more about animals and others for learning about safety or the environment. 

 This one was about dangerous chemicals and identifying them. In the case is a bunch of liquids that look the same. Each pair consists of something edible and something poison. The kids had to try and guess the liquids.

 This is a bee display. I made sure to ask questions about the current bee situation and the answers were exactly what I thought. We need to educate farmers so that they don't kill them all. Well, there was much more to the conversation than that, but I don't want to get anyone in trouble for their knowledgeable opinions.

 I didn't get to see this whole presentation, but they were talking about not using chemicals in your garden by paring up plants that help each other and other tricks.

 Before machines people popped off the kernels by hand. This was pretty cool and the kids got to keep the cob.

 We didn't see the whole demonstration on pulleys but the kids got to try this one out and pull a tracker. 

 The kids got a try at lassoing.

 I even got to give it a try. Zoe took this picture.

 Zoe helped one of her younger homeschool friends when she could. I think they are friends.

 I always have so many pictures of Zoe petting animals when we go to things like this. She loves animals.

 This was fun! These are rubber duckies in a race. The kids make them move forward by using a pump. Eventually all of the boys took this station over. They loved it!

 This station was another fun one. Racing horses by turning the rope around a wooden rod. Too easy to cheat though!

The kids got to get interactive and collect things from each station to get a prize. 

 Zoe got to do some sewing. 

 These are eggs hatching. So cool!!

 They are waiting for a ride. 

 Zoe found a friend from gymnastics and went on a ride with her. 

 This is Zoe jumping with excitement after getting off of a ride she never had been on before. I think when I was younger they called it the Gravatron. Eventually we were able to get Austyn to try it too. 

It was a fun day at the fair. I'm so thankful to the people who put this on for allowing us to attend!

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