Thursday, October 24, 2013

River Nature

 This is Austyn's favourite spot when we have time alone together. While Zoe is at gymnastics I sometimes take him to places he wants to go. Sometimes we take a hike. Sometimes we hang out at the library. He sometimes likes to go to the river to explore. He could be there for hours. We learned about fish, and birds there. Did you know that the seagulls we see aren't seagulls! They are actually called Ring-Billed Gulls. This is thanks to the Audubon app on my iPhone.

 We see fish jumping out of the water. We watch fishermen fish. We saw geese land right in front of us.

 It's very pretty here. 

 Sometimes we look for fossils. The large rocks hold huge fossils. 

One fisherman let us get up and close to the fish. This is a salmon.

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