Monday, October 21, 2013

Hockey Season

 Hockey season doesn't really stop for us. During the summer Austyn played 3 on 3 and his team won first place. He also attended a training camp.

 We went to the picnic to kick off the season for our local OHL team. Austyn had a long talk with Charlie Sarault. He is now drafted to the NHL.

 The kids really enjoy walking around and getting signatures of all of the players.

 The season has started off slow for our local team, but they are turning things around. Less fighting and much better playing!

This is Zoe's first year not playing hockey. She is in such a high level at gymnastics that it didn't make much sense anyway. Austyn is still playing. He loves hockey and would live on the ice if we let him. We have had our fair share of politics since we have lived here. Small town hockey has taken a lot to get used to. We prefer larger centers where skaters are placed on teams because of their skill. But, we are here, and doing okay. Austyn is in a great power skating class in another town and the teacher has bumped him up two levels and has stated that he is a "phenomenal skater" and that she is "honored to have him" in her class. Due to extra time in the day and homeschool skating he usually gets at least 7 hours of ice time a week. He loves it!

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