Friday, October 18, 2013

Field Trips back in time!

This happened months ago. I was going to forget posting about it, but saw that I had a draft sitting here to share. So, why not!! We went on two trips to this museum through our homeschool group. This was the first trip and it was to see what school would have been like when children attended the one-room-schoolhouse. 

Austyn couldn't attend this day. I think he was sick. So, Zoe went to this without him. The kids learned games that the children would play.

They did some lessons the way they would have been done in the old days. Zoe is doing math here.

They read an old reader and learned how to write with a feather pen.

 The second trip was on how the settlers of the area were natural recyclers. They made most of their own things and reused everything that could be reused.

 The kids weaved.

They also made rag rugs.



Alexandra from Life on a Canadian Island said...

Looks like a great field trip, it reminds me of one we had done near windsor..where you at that one too? I can't remember lol!!

Our Pace said...

Yes, we did go to that one and we also went to one in Alberta. Maybe I can find the posts for those.

Our Pace said...

Here is a trip we did at this same museum a year before.

Our Pace said...

Here is the trip you are talking about...

Our Pace said...

Here is the one we did in Edmonton. I think that comparing the difference between each is interesting. I even asked questions about the difference and I guess some schools had more funding then others and some areas had more in Ontario. The schools in Alberta where a different story. They were just lucky to get a teacher from the east who had to take turns living with everyone. She didn't have much and the school would be lucky to even have one book!

Mama Teaching 3 said...

What a fun trip. This kind of day is what makes me happy. :)


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