Wednesday, October 30, 2013


 My kids have been around construction so much in their lives. We keep moving to a new home. This time it's their grandparent's house and a new house is replacing the old. So it's a bit more interesting.

 The house that the kids have known for their whole lives was removed. They got to see it get moved. It was very interesting and educational. We also went to see where the house was being placed and have seen the constant changes happening on that lot.

 After it was moved the basement was left. It seemed so small with no house there.

The house started getting built fast. This is the basement. 

This is the start of the main floor framing. 

The kids got to see how the roof frames were delivered. The truck tipped and they slid off onto the ground. 

 Sometimes I think Zoe just wants to go and see the kitties. Many of them have been taken to a nearby farm. So there are less cats on the property now. 

 This was a month or two earlier. The kittens were a bit smaller. Even if they are what draws her, she is still witnessing things and learning from what she sees of the construction around her.

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