Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Battle of the Thames

 One of the moms in our homeschool group registered us for the education day event of Battle of the Thames. This is the first year they have done it. It was busy!! There were performers, re-enactments, camps, markets and more.

 There was a man there who specialized in making arrow heads. He looked at Austyn's arrowhead and told him that it is over 2000 years old! We came and chatted with him a few times and eventually he ended up giving Austyn one of his cannons from the war of 1812. It was found in Port Colbourne area.

 This is a traveling museum and magic show. 

 This solder told us all about his gun and what it was like to camp in that little 4 man tent. 

 He gave us step-by-step instructions on how to use the gun.

 There were solders everywhere and you could just walk up and talk to them.

 This solder was playing a flute.

 This was a show put on by the Canadian Cow Girls.

 Every so often we could hear cannons being fired.

 Zoe and Austyn got to ride a horse for the very first time EVER.

 They saw how food was prepared at camp. Some beef liver was being smoked and some rabbit was being cooked.

 They got to see and feel real animal fur and hides. They learned where the term "mad-hatter" comes from after talking about beavers and the fur trade. 

 They got to see inside each tent.

 They learned what aboriginal people used for food, medicine, and tools. There is grandma. She came to this with us.

 Austyn showed the Chief his arrowhead and they compared some. 

 They looked at other tools and had a good talk together.

At the end of the day we got some home-made cookies, a souvenir (Zoe got a hat and Austyn got a wooden knife toy), and we all left with a real glass bottle, corked of home-made lemonade.

This was a great experience for all of us!

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