Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hockey... the dream...

 My kids love to play hockey. Austyn loves it more then Zoe, but she enjoys it as well and is very good at it when she wants to be. One thing that hockey provides is a dream for Austyn. We always encourage dreams no matter what! Some parents tell their kids that they aren't good enough, but all possibilities should always stay open to all people. A person's true potential can only be reached when options are left open and accessible. Watching hockey on TV, playing on a team, practicing during the day, reading hockey books, playing hockey trivia, working on a hockey lapbook, watching games live, and meeting professional hockey players are all ways to encourage an interest. This interest may go somewhere and it may not, but it will be up to the person with the interest and not his parents!! The picture above is taken with Connor Murphy and his medal!!

Last year I feel that I posted too much about hockey and sports, but took it a bit easier this year. This is a proud boy after getting the game sheet when he got the only and winning goal in a game and playing well. 

 We all try to go to every game. It's not often that there is only one person watching him. Grandpa even comes as much as he can to see both kids play. 

 Being one of the smallest players, he is still working on how to be more aggressive, but he has the second most goals on the team for the season.

 Zoe loves hockey too. She is an amazing skater!! Next year she hopes to join a girl team.

 Her team didn't travel much this year, but they still had fun.

Austyn plays mini-sticks everyday and has been learning how to tape his own stick. Mini-sticks are a great start!

 Being that they are homeschooled, they can skate during the day, when other kids are in school. We have even used the ice on our own. This picture was taken when they were getting ready to skate at our weekly homeschool skate. Both kids can tie their own skates, but dad does a better job. One end of the rink they play a mini hockey game and the rest of the rink is for people to skate around. It's been a great year for our skating. Many homeschoolers take advantage of this time and it's usually busy!

Their dad played hockey this season as well. This is only his third year of hockey!! It's something he learned as an adult. I'm so proud of him and we go and watch him play when we can.

Austyn also loves to go watch his cousin play. It's much more rough watching these games, but still great to watch.

 Watching OHL games have been fun. We have been to many Sting games this season! We usually only miss them when there are other sports scheduled at the same time.

 It's nice to get to know the players and how they play. We can see their good days and their bad days. The kids have learned by watching them and have copied some of the moves that they have seen.

 We got to skate with them!! This is the second signing we've been to. It's nice to get pictures before they go off to the NHL. This is Charlie Sarault. He is Zoe's favourite player and Austyn's second favourite.

Learning their personalities is sometimes fun and it teaches the kids that they are people and can have a sense of humour just like anyone else. Here Josh Chapman is making the skater on Zoe's shirt with angry eyes before signing it! What a fun personality he has!  He is my favourite player. He always hits the kids hands, even after a bad game. I think he is one of the best skaters on the team, and is constantly looking in every direction.

 The kids really enjoy these events. Hopefully we can do all of this again next year.

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