Friday, March 22, 2013

Bird Watching

There are many activities to get involved with to help out scientists. Sadly, this year we didn't do well with these activities. 

There is Project Feeder Watch. This is for families to watch for birds, identify them and report the findings to the website. 

There is Backyard Bird Count. For this one it's only for select days and you can take a walk or report where ever you go.

I thought it wouldn't be too hard to do either one, but it turned out that our Christmas tree blocked our view of the front feeder for a very long time and for Backyard Bird Count we went for a walk for the first day, but after that we were way too busy to do anything else. We had way too much hockey that weekend.

We may not have reported, but it still did get us out looking for birds and identifying some. So, it wasn't a complete flop. We have a couple of house sparrows who like our front feeder and hang out in the rims of our vehicles. We have gotten used to seeing them. Hopefully we will do better next year.

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