Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Coyote?!

One day we came home from the library on a quiet afternoon and my son was startled to see a coyote crossing the empty lot across the street. It stopped and looked right at him. He was afraid that it would come at us, but it turned and ran away. When he alerted me, I just barely saw it as it disappeared behind a house further into our subdivision. There seem to be many of them around. There are stories of people seeing them at parks trying to get their dogs. I don't remember it being this way before. There must be an abundance of them this winter. We decided to run out and find the tracks from the coyote we saw. Apparently they run in a very straight line, have tracks about 18 inches apart and there are protruding claws at the front of each track. This is a picture of one of the tracks we found.When I FaceBooked it my hunting friends confirmed what it was. Otherwise, I'd just assume (if I didn't see the animal) that it was dog tracks.

Lesson Pathways has some great links on coyotes. Check it out HERE if you have a free account with them. I really like their site and use it often enough. I also like that it's free!

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