Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Work Stations

During the month of December we made some changes in our home. We purged areas of the house and sold items online. The kids went through their toys and sold many of them. They sold so many that I could re-organize their toy room to be, what we now call, "the Project Room". 

This idea was inspired a couple of months ago by a book I read called Project-Based Homeschooling by Lori Pickert. It took me some time to really figure out how I could apply what I read in this book into our home. When I told the kids my plan for the room and drew a few sketches of what I envisioned, they became very excited and even more motivated to get more toys out of our house to make room for personal project space. 

The kids were so excited about my ideas that when Daddy and I were busy, they went ahead and moved furniture around to make the room the layout that they wanted. We even went out and got another coffee table because Zoe decided to use ours for her project table. The room is working out great! The kids can access supplies without ever having to ask for them. They are making wonderful things! I wasn't even done setting the room up and they were already in there working away. It's not always clean and tidy in that room, but as long as it is still functional enough for the kids, I don't think there is any reason to make sure it's spotless all of the time.

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