Thursday, January 3, 2013

Interested in School Work?

 School work, or what we traditionally think of as school work, is something that isn't so natural, but it is also something that kids sometimes want to do. They may choose to do it. Here is Zoe doing Grade 2 math from a Canadian Curriculum book we purchased. 

Here she is working on English in the same Curriculum book. She is working at her new work station that I set up in her room. 

As you can see, in both pictures she is wearing what she wants. The first picture is with a bathing suit top and shorts (not to mention a tattoo) and the bottom picture she is in her pajamas. One benefit of homeschooling is that they can wear what they are comfortable in and since they are at home they can choose when and where to do educational activities. It doesn't always have to be in one place.

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