Thursday, January 17, 2013


This is the view we had from inside our van one early morning. I happened to have my camera on hand to snap this shot. The kids were so excited over the frost on the windows and loved to look closely at the patterns. I decided to look for frost activities at home because of this. 

When dealing with different levels at one time, I just mix it up. I mix experiments for older children and activities for younger children and I mix up levels of books as well. I think that we can learn from all books and activities no matter what level we are at. Younger children will pick up what they can and older kids will be refreshed on things from easier books/activities. 

I found these activities online through Lesson Planet. Lesson Planet is great because I can search any topic and usually a bunch of activities come up in many different grade levels. HERE is the lesson plan and HERE is the worksheet with the experiment on it. It was an easy experiment. I forgot to take pictures but I thought I would still share it here so that others can try it out and maybe sign up with Lesson Planet because it's a great resource!

Here are two fun books on Frost that we borrowed from the library... 

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