Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Book Sharing Monday - Happy New Year

 Happy New Year!! Usually I post these earlier than the actual date, but I decided that I'd start Book Sharing Monday again in the New Year and this is the New Year. I don't even know if anyone even does Book Sharing Monday anymore, because I've been out of the loop so long. I'll just do it on my own this week. Enjoy!

This is a book that we purchased from our local library. I'm not sure why people wouldn't want to borrow this book, but I'm not complaining, because now we own it! 

This has turned out to be the best book I've seen in a long time to explain to children how many different people around the world celebrate New Years. In some places New Years isn't celebrated on the same day as in North America. 

There are customs in this book that we may like to adopt in our home. It is an easy read, so young readers can read it on their own if they choose to. 

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