Saturday, July 7, 2012

Avocado Sprout!

 I can't remember, but I think we started this at the beginning of April. It took this long to see that it's growing roots and a stem. 

 Basically, what we did was we were careful to not cut the pit when we ate an avocado. We washed it and kept it in a clean extremely wet paper towel/napkin in a sealed plastic container. It took months. The pit got soft and then cracked and eventually this grew out of it.

We took it out and planted it in some dirt. Soon we'll have a plant!

Friday, July 6, 2012


This is a kids way to relax and watch a movie! It's a boat that the kids call a quad-floater.

Thursday, July 5, 2012


 I've started to read blogs again. I usually don't have time, but lately I've been up early and on the internet to start my day. I was reminded of this craft. It's not the same craft as the blog I read, but it reminded me of it and knowing how many small crayons we had, I thought it'd be a good way to use some of them up.

 The kids grated some crayon colours into piles and put them into the muffin tin, to use.

When they were happy with the colour(s) they made designs on one half of a long piece of waxed paper. The other half is folded over top and I ironed them together.

 Here are some of their creations. This is Zoe's.

Zoe did this one as well. She cut all of hers into shapes.

 Austyn did this one on his own.

 Austyn and I did this one together.

I find that Austyn is less independent with crafts then Zoe. He doesn't like to do crafts on his own. This is due to his over-perfectionism. He is too upset when it's not perfect. I'm happy that he did do some on his own this time. He isn't too into cutting out shapes, so he left his creations as large square sheets of wax paper. I think they turned out great!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Educational Gardens

 If you do nothing else educational for your kids, be sure to have a garden. Even if they don't want to help much, they can learn so much from it.

  The creatures that decide to live in or around the garden are always interesting.

 These pictures were taken at least a couple of weeks ago. Looking at these, I realize just how quick these plants grow. 

 Having a garden, we notice beauty that we may otherwise passed by and not noticed.

 We create life, and provide food and shelter for other living creatures.

 These are the first vegetables we picked. What a great way to learn where our food comes from!

We went outside and picked leaves, peas, and beans and we brought them in to look at more closely. 

Gardens are great!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Juggling Kids' Sports

Phew... life, juggling sports between two kids has been a challenge. It's been fun though! Zoe is now finished. On the last tournament she was in her team won every game. Actually, they've never lost a game! It was their first year having a team at this level and there was a learning curve for all. Now we all know that the travel team for her age group (5-6's) check! We didn't know that. The kids didn't seem to mind. I'm sure all of that extra equipment helped.

Zoe was the only girl on the travel team. It was great experience for her. She played well, for her first year of lacrosse. 

That same weekend, Austyn was at a tournament in another location. He got a medal as well and they won their first game. We were so proud of them.

On the last day of Lacrosse Zoe got to play with parents and siblings and eat pizza. She got another medal and a team jacket with her name on it. 

Now that her lacrosse is done and our homeschool activities have slowed down, life will be a bit easier. I know this has seemed like a sports blog lately. I guess that is because much of our time at home is organizing and still unpacking, if you can believe that! I've given the kids some time to settle in a bit and let the stress of the past fade away. We've been slowly doing more and more educational activities at home, now that things are getting more organized. 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Book Sharing Monday - Harry the Tarantula

 This Up Close and Personal Interview with harry the Tarantula by National Geographic is a show you don't want to miss. This book by Leigh Ann Tyson is a quirky, yet information filled radio talk show with Caty-Did as the host and Harry the Tarantula as the guest. 

What a great way to learn about tarantulas!


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