Friday, February 24, 2012

Zoe's 1st Hockey Tournament

Zoe attended her first hockey tournament and got a metal. She scored two goals for her team!

Found in the Front Yard!

Austyn found this fossil in the front yard! It is a brachiopod. The kids found another one in the drive way and other fossils. When visiting the local museum they took a look at this fossil and said that it's in excellent shape. They gave us a list of fossils that we can find in our area. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Building a Home

One thing Austyn has is experience with how to move and how to go about building a house. We have moved many times and know what we should have looked for in the past and what we need to look for now when it comes to building houses and moving into new homes. Through our experiences and because our kids are at home with us and experience much of what we do, they learn the process. When we go and visit the house we are getting built, Austyn asks the contractors many questions. Yesterday he spent time with the electrician and last week he chatted with the painter. He was there through the process of choosing things. He is proud to say that he chose our wood floor that will be installed this week.

It's not always fun taking the kids everywhere, especially when there are behavioural problems. With all of the moving that we have done in the past year or so, it's made things hard for all of us.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Book Sharing Monday - Dragons and Unicorns

Over the past couple of years Austyn has been a bit obsessed with dragons. He has even created diagrams of how he believes they blow fire. He has invented/discovered many dragons and even started a visual manual/guide that is always growing.

While browsing the books at the library I came across this book. It turned out to be a great find for us. We didn't read the unicorn section yet, but the dragon section is spectacular. It is set up as a natural guide to learning just about everything you would want to know about dragons. One of the parts we particularly enjoyed was how they blew fire. We compared and contrasted the information in this book to what Austyn had put together and found it very interesting. 


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