Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Count-Down is On!

The count-down is on! We will be moving at the end of March! This is how we have been sleeping since September. Yes! I guess this means we are staying in Ontario! The kids have their beds on the floor and the cats stay in the room with us all the time since they clash with the cat that lives here. Although we are lucky to have somewhere to stay and are very thankful, it will feel wonderful to have our own home again. The cats can roam free and we can settle in better. The strange thing is that time has flown by since we have moved here but now that we have somewhere to move soon, time seems to be crawling. So strange!

In the mean time I have been planning our meals, and some sort of schedule for our weeks in the new home. I guess I'll see how it goes once we move. We have things that have been in storage for over a year and have accumulated more in our recent moves. It will be time to purge things and I will need to be fast with it since our new community will have a large town-wide yard sale shortly after our move. It will feel refreshing to unpack and get rid of the things we don't need. We all can't wait!

Mystery Class

This picture was during the first week. We are now going on the third week. The class was set up so that the students can make a graph that kept track of the photo period of each area, but we are doing it like other homeschoolers that we follow online. The photo-period is still calculated and added to the chart provided but the graphs we did in a way that represent daylight and night time (darkness) for each mystery location over time. We have chosen to use a different colour for each mystery location. The most interesting one is location six which shows a very small portion of sunlight at the bottom of the graph. In this location it is summer and they only get a few hours of darkness. So they must be located close to the South Pole! How exciting!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Snow is Rare

 We went from spending a winter in Edmonton, Alberta during a year with record snowfall to living in Ontario during a record breaking warm winter. When the snow DOES fall, we try to make it to a hill for some tobogganing. We act fast. The snow can disappear the next day.

We have made it when school is out and the hill is covered and we also have made it during a school day where the hill is practically our own. Both are fun!

Hockey Tournament

 We sponsored a tournament for Austyn's hockey team. They did great! They didn't make it to the finals but they did wonderful and it was a good experience.

 The girls had plenty of time to play.

 They got a free meal, which gave them plenty of time to chat.

 Zoe really bonded with the sister of Austyn's friend. She is much older, but Zoe seems to like to hang around older girls.

 While waiting for one of the games Zoe did her hair. I thought it was pretty good for a 5 year old!

 A bunch of the kids stayed to watch a game after their games were all done. 

I took that time to get a few pictures.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Hockey Queen!

 This is what the rink looks like when Zoe arrives to go on the ice, most weekends. They are on the ice bright an early. So early that they are the first to be on the ice.

 She probably was suppose to be in the level up. She tends to be ahead of the other kids when she skates and when she gets the puck nobody can stop her. She hasn't learned that she isn't suppose to take the puck from her team mates yet, but that'll come. LOL!

I just think that the kids look so cute all lined up on the bench, waiting to play. The girls are so easy to spot, with their pink hockey accessories.

Just a Picture to Share

I just had to share this picture. I use to dress my cat when I was a kid. Mother instincts kick in. This is so cute!

Happy Valentines Day!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Meteorites, Rocks, Minerals and whatever else can be found.

Austyn has become increasingly interested in rocks, fossils, meteorites, gold, silver, diamonds, crystals and anything else that can be found on and in the earth. He spends more time outside searching the ground for stones and rocks. We have started to read books on these subjects. I have lined him up with a jeweler to learn about diamonds. Even when it snows, he is digging through the snow to find the stones underneath. I have requested that our library get a book (The Magic School Bus Rocky Road Trip) so that we can do THIS lapbook. 

We even found a rock that can lift our magnet. Austyn seems to think that this is proof that it's a meteorite but I think that it is just metal in the rock and may be coal with melted metal in it from the stove of the old farm house that use to be here. I guess over time we will discover the truth.

Book Sharing Monday - Falling for Rapunzel

 Falling for Rapunzel by Leah Wilcox is a funny twist on the Classic Story Rapunzel. Zoe and Austyn got a good laugh reading this story.

 Rupunzel doesn't hear the prince correctly when he hollers up to her and due to the miscommunication she throws many things down to him, including underwear. Everyone needs a good laugh now and then!


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