Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Christmas Tree

 I like decorating the Christmas tree. This year we had some hick-ups with our tree. First we didn't have one. We left our old tree in Edmonton when we moved back to Ontario, because of lack of space in the trailer. So, we had to go and get a new one, which didn't happen until about two weeks before Christmas. Secondly we had a very grumpy little girl who was starting to get sick. This made for a negative tone in the air while decorating. We also thought we had no lights and bought lights. Then we thought that we needed more and ran into the city to get more. The next day we found our lights from last year. Sigh... 

 What I love about the Christmas tree is that it's a Pegan activity. I guess some might see me as a bit of a rebel, but I like the idea of eventually creating traditions that are a mix of beliefs. The Christmas tree however, as I have read, isn't a Christian activity and was kept by the early Christians as a tradition, because it was an activity that they didn't want to part with. I even looked up the scripture in the Bible about the Christmas tree and it says that Christians should not have one because it's Pegan. 

I think I'd like to incorporate the Hanukkah Dreidel into our traditions of the Holidays. It looks like a fun game! We learn about all of the Holidays, but it seems that the only way for the kids to remember something about each is to have at least one activity for each. This is something I'd like to look at doing in the next couple of years.

Poor kid. You can see by her eyes that she is getting sick. She ended up in bed for three days after this with a cough and a fever.

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