Saturday, December 29, 2012

Most Used Gifts

 Zoe's favourite gift was her American Girl Doll. They aren't as assessable to us because we are in Canada, but we were able to get her anyway, without having to pay all of the extra costs of shipping her into Canada. She got two dolls this Christmas but this is her favourite. McKenna is the Doll of the year for 2012 and Zoe loves her because she is a gymnast! I'm so proud of her for getting rid of so many of her toys. Honestly, I can't see her playing with anything else for a very long time. McKenna hasn't left her side since she opened her up on Christmas morning. She has been making crafts for her doll. I will post about this later.

Austyn loves his mini-sticks. His favourite thing to do is play hockey, so his favourite and most used gifts are hockey related. He has said that he may even want to go to the arena more, since he has that advantage with homeschooling. He has been learning about the history of hockey, the players, awards, and some of the strange rules of the game. He has learned about quality of equipment and the science that goes into making the equipment. The Discovery Channel and some trivia games have helped greatly in this area.

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