Monday, December 10, 2012

Looking Back - Why Blog

 Sometimes it's hard to find the time, but I find blogging important. There are obviously more important things, but it's important to me. I learn so much form other Bloggers and know that I have so much to share as well. 

When I took a break from it, I didn't take as many pictures. Here are a few. Above, Zoe and Austyn were taking candies and laying them out on parchment paper to melt in the oven and make an edible serving tray. It didn't work out well, likely because I'm terrible with ovens and baking, but it was fun to try. Zoe seems to be very interested in baking. It's too bad that I'm not a very good baker.

 Austyn became interested in jets for a little while. We looked up jet activities and videos on the internet and learned how they work. He constructed this device using a fan and aluminum foil. It's like a jet because the air is pushed through and is compressed when it is forced to go through a smaller hole. He learned that the area in the middle of the larger area had not as much wind and along the outsides and in the compression chamber the wind was stronger. We talked about the air molecules and what was happening.

 Here is is playing around with light and mirrors. He thought he could figure out how to make a projector, but it didn't work out so well. It is just great that he would try it and see. What a great experiment!

 Zoe loves arts and crafts. I pulled out some good paints and some canvas. She really enjoyed this.

 Austyn isn't as interested in drawing and being a perfectionist he is too critical of himself as he works. This is exactly what happened this day. I talked to him and told him that once he learns to calm his thoughts, he will create great works. Within minutes he started to wipe off the canvas (out of frustration) and found that it was a cool effect that he loved. He keeps this picture in his room because it turned out great and he is so proud of himself. 

 We had some devices around the house that didn't work so great. I took them out and the kids took them apart. They loved this!

Summer has gone, Halloween is gone. I can't believe how time flies.

When blogging and showing pictures and what we have been up to, it may seem to some people like it's just an album. This isn't so. When reading other blogs and people share pictures of what they have been doing, I get ideas. Sometimes the person may not even realize that they are influencing someone else. There are so many great ideas out there. Blogging is important to me because I can share and I can also get ideas for  my own family. I'm giving back, because I'm grateful for others who share with me. This is what this is all about!

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Kez said...

I agree! I've been a fairly slack blogger at times but I try to keep up reading everyone's blogs even if I don't get around to commenting.


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