Monday, December 31, 2012


 Zoe has been showing such a big interest in gymnastics. 

 She is definitely talented. 

 She has been in the invitational advanced level for this past session.

 I've seen huge improvements and she practices all day and all night long!

She has told me that if she had to choose between all of the activities she is currently in, she'd choose gymnastics as the only one. 

She is talented. She is only 6 years old and can already do back-hand-springs. She did, what I thought were some back flips the other night. I told the teacher about it and she said that she doesn't usually get parents that tell her that so early. Zoe needs to practice in a higher level to work on those new skills. 

She went to an invite-only try-out and made it to the next level. We are deciding what to do. It will be much more expensive and will take three times more of our time each week. It seems to be her thing though, so this is a big decision.

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